The Walking Dead recap, Coda – I get it now…

So I’m still a little bit heartbroken by this episode. I had a feeling it was going to go down like this, but I was holding out hope. With “Coda” as the episode name, thought, it was pretty obvious that something big was going to end.

So we start with Rick hauling some serious ass in those cowboy boots, chasing down Officer Bob after he knocked out Sasha. Love the running disemboweling of the walker along the way.

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Rick has exactly no fucks left to give, Officer Bob. No fucks at all. Shut up, indeed. He gets shit done when he’s not worrying about a pesky moral compass. I have to say, though, they totally should have stuck with his plan. Things would have worked out differently, I think.

At some point in the near future, Tyreese needs to become a character with a point. I’ve heard that he’s awesome in the comics, but he’s just sort of meh on the show. Maybe in the second half of the season…

Funniest moment of the episode:




“They’re close.” I loved the little “pew” noise of the silenced gun.

Back to the church and Father Gabriel. All I have to say is that I’m holding out hope that Father Gabriel dies of Tetanus after stepping on that nail. Oy.


So THAT’S what the organ pipes were for. Worst. Fence. Ever.


Judith is, apparently, immune to shaken baby syndrome. Seriously. And is also the quietest baby on the face of the earth.


Mama Michonne is pretty sweet, though.

I’m not even going to discuss the total deus ex machina arrival of the fire truck. Oy. Michonne tells Maggie that Beth is alive, thus sealing her fate as the next Greene family member to die at mid-season finale. Dammit!!!

So back at Grady, Dawn is crazeballs and capable of great feats of justification for her acts of insanity. One of her asshole cops confronts her and Beth pushes asshole cop down the elevator shaft. I’m thinking Beth was wishing that she could have gotten Dawn down there, too. Why is Dawn spending so much time trying to convince Beth that she’s a good guy?

Does it seem like a good idea to do the exchange in the middle of the hospital? With all the guns? All of them?

Dawn pulls the crazy power move of demanding Noah. Because she’s a crazy bitch. Beth stabs her with the scissors (not anyplace useful), Dawn instinctively shoots Beth and Daryl shoots Dawn. The worst is the reactions of Beth’s people. So freaking heartbreaking.


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Bitch, you made Daryl cry.


And Maggie. And me. And everybody.


BUT THEN! Morgan! Looking significantly less crazy than last time we saw him! I like Morgan so much.


Still, Beth is dead and Daryl and Maggie are going to be heartbroken.

Scott Gimple, you just sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.


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