The Walking Dead – 513 – Forget

So… Rick turning into Shane? Please tell me that Rick is not turning into Shane. That creepy kiss on the cheek and him going for the gun…

But I’m beginning at the end.

Beginning at the beginning: Sasha is losing her poor traumatized mind.  Girl has some major PTSD happening.
sasha1 sasha2
Isn’t there one shrink in that town? They seem to have one of everything else…

They certainly have one Carol in a terrifyingly bad sweater.  The meeting at the clubhouse was interesting.
Is it me, or does Daryl look a little bit like “Rick be crazy” here? I certainly felt a little like “Rick be crazy” here.

And what was up with the W on the walkers’ forehead? Who the hell is out there in the woods carving stuff into walker foreheads? Can’t go too long without a menacing group of crazies out on the horizon somewhere…

How hot is Michonne in her uniform with her lace up corset back jacket? A girl needs to improvise when she doesn’t have a tailor nearby.

 Out in the woods NOT shooting at pictures with Sasha, we find Daryl and Aaron. Obviously, Aaron wasn’t huntin’ wabbits out there. Aaron wanted another chance to see what Daryl is made of. I like Aaron. He’s smart. And funny.

Back in town, Rick freaks out that nobody is standing guard up in the clock tower. So the excellent decision is made to give the woman with raging PTSD a sniper rifle and send her on up there.  Because THAT will end well.
sasha4 sasha3

There was a time in earlier seasons when I kind of couldn’t stand Carol. She annoyed the living hell out of me most of the time, frankly. But now? She is my queen. My conniving, plotting queen. Carol is playing the long game.  Carol is playing the most intense game of zombie apocalypse chess ever. And it’s brilliant. Because she’s right. She DOES get to be invisible again. Who would suspect that nice cookie lady with the adorable grin?

And back we come to Daryl and Aaron. They spot Buttons the horse. Buttons the Horse As Metaphor. Buttons, about whom Daryl says things like “The longer they’re out there, the more they become what they really are.” Who else might that apply to, DARYL?
No, I’m still not over it.

“You afraid of guns, ma’am?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Hahahahaha. Ha. Hmmmmm

I love that the weirdest scene I have ever seen on The Walking Dead was a cocktail party. Gah. So uncomfortable! I will say, though, that Rick cleans up reeeeeal good with that button down and stubble. Dang. You know Jessie wants to climb that tree.

The award for Most Hilariously Awkward Entrance goes to Abe & Rosita.
God bless. I’m glad to see these two crazy kids patching things up. I kind of love them.

So Deanna’s husband is still alive. I thought maybe he would be dead. And he watched all of the tapes. Do we think that Deanna is a figurehead for some other governing body? Or do I have Rick Grimes Paranoia and I’m assuming that there has to be an evil underbelly somewhere.

Aaron got my favorite zombie kill of the night resulting in blood spray on the camera lens.

Then my notes just read “Shit. Buttons.” Can we have a moment of silence for Buttons the Horse As Metaphor and his gruesome death? I’m going to try not to read to much into that. Pour one out for your homie.
Or really, who am I kidding. It should really be more along these lines with me…pouroneout2
Then the killer lines:
Aaron: “He always ran.”
Daryl: “You were trying to help him.”

And then we see Daryl outside the party looking sad and awkward. And he put his good big boy shirt on. With sleeves and everything. And then he gets invited to have dinner with Aaron and Eric. Serious spaghetti.

Serious spaghetti. Serious piggyback
AGAIN, I SAY……beth-and-daryl-finger

So Pete the doctor is significantly less of a porch dick than last time we saw him, but there seems to be some….tension between him and Jesse. Does the actress playing Jesse just happen to have a triskel tattoo or is it part of the character? If it’s part of the character, that has lots of interesting symbolism…

I thought the stamp of the Scarlet A was fairly hilarious. Subtle.

Daryl Dixon eating spaghetti looks exactly like you would expect:
daryleating1 daryleating2
Yep, that’s pretty much it.

Then Aaron goes and does something super sweet and makes Daryl all uncomfortable and having feelings and stuff by asking him to be his new partner in recruiting new folks for Alexandria.
darylaaron1 darylaaron2
darylaaron3 darylaaron4
darylaaron5 darylaaron6
darylaaron7 darylaaron8
“I’ll get you some rabbits” He kills me.

Abraham is another character that annoyed the crap out of me at first. That whole alpha male military thing is not my jam. At all.
manda1 manda2
manda3 manda4
I have softened to him. This is pretty hilarious.

After which, Carol proved that she should never, ever, ever be left alone with a child ever ever again.
carolterrifying1 carolterrifying2
Here my notes just say “Carol is fucking terrifying”. ‘Nuff said.

Back at the party, shit gets creepy. Rick has a moment of sorts with Jesse and kisses her on the cheek.
Seriously? I think there might have been tongue involved in that. That was not a peck.

My reaction at home:

In other corners of the party, someone PLEASE get Sasha a shrink. There has to be one hiding around there somewhere.

Then we get to some interesting moments when Rick, Daryl and Carol meet up back at the Clubhouse to get their smuggled guns.
darylgun1 darylgun2 darylgun3 darylgun4
Carol’s look is priceless. “Why would we ever NOT need guns?”

Here is my theory about what Daryl is starting to think about Rick. Daryl was drawn to Rick as a man of honor and someone who was kind to Daryl and believed Daryl to be capable. Now he’s kind of wondering if that guy is still in Rick. If he still has honor. If he is still kind. He’s kind of the stand in for all of us.

Well, here’s a monumental moment…

The next day, Rick sees Jesse and her family. They wave their scarlet letters at each other, then he watches them walk away while fondling his gun. What the unholy fuck? That look in his eye? That was pure Shane. I’m bringing it full circle, people.

Then Rick hears a walker at the wall and runs over to press his hand against it and listen to the the walker moans with a longing expression on his face and he is losing his damn mind.

The song they played over that last scene was PERFECT:
Where is the sun that shone on my head
The sun in my life. It is dead. It is dead.

Next week: I fully expect some alpha male posturing between Rick and Porch Dick Paul. I hope Daryl gets his motorcycle working and gets to hang with his new best gays some more. I hope we get to see Tara because I miss my apocalypse BFF. And what happened to Father Gabriel? Wherever he is, I’m sure he will annoy me.

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