Zombie Veronica Mars? I’m in!

izombie1 izombie2 izombie3 izombie4

Snarky blond zombie and her snarkier British sidekick? By the creator of Veronica Mars? Yes, please.

I’m officially a fan of iZombie. Great writing, great tone, can’t wait to see how this develops!

Plus, she eats instant noodles, brain chunks and hot sauce. With chopsticks. I don’t know why, but that tickles me.

izombie5 izombie6 izombie7 izombie8 izombie9 izombie10 izombie11 izombie12 izombie13 izombie14

3 thoughts on “Zombie Veronica Mars? I’m in!

      1. Exactly! I wanna steer clear of a zombie-romance.. Hollywood has ruined vampires for us, now TV shouldn’t do the same with zombies πŸ˜€ But as you’re saying they’re keeping it sharp and witty, I’ll now definitely give it a shot πŸ™‚


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