The Walking Dead – 515 – Try

So, yeah. Rick is TOTALLY turning into Shane. Damn it.

We start with Deanna’s family sitting in their dark living room, mourning Aiden. Deanna puts in one of his run mix CDs and Somewhat Damaged by Nine Inch Nails starts playing.

Sample lyrics:
Broken, bruised, forgotten sore
Too fucked up to care anymore
Poisoned to my rotten core
Too fucked up to care anymore

So that’s fun. Good music for a mourning family.

Cut to Carol cooking up a tuna noodle casserole, the traditional “sorry we killed your son” offering.

carol1 carol2
carol3 carol4

Poor Sam. He feels safest with CAROL.

Also, WTF, they have a VIDEO BABY MONITOR in the apocalypse???


Carol drops the casserole off on Deanna’s front stoop and totally does a knock and run. Deanna reads the note Carol left, leaves the casserole on the front porch, and goes inside to burn the note. Yeah, Deanna is not down with Team Rick right now.


Sasha seems to be literally twitching in the clock tower while shooting walkers. Literally. Twitching. And shooting. Someone sedate that girl and get her out of there before she shoots a scruffy living person. DON’T COME HOME YET, DARYL.

Daryl and Aaron are out on their recruiting run, killing walkers. Aaron mentions that there seem to be more walkers around and less people. Daryl points out a light in the forest and says there seems to be someone out there.



Then we see video of Nicholas telling the “story” of Aiden and Noah’s deaths. OF COURSE HE IS AWFUL AND BLAMING IT ON EVERYONE BUT HIMSELF. OMG DIE DIE DIE. Seriously. If I was there, I would take him out myself.


At the same time, we see Glenn telling Rick the story of what happened. It is HEARTBREAKING. Poor boo. Rick says something about not answering to their rules. Glenn replies that “We ARE them”. I’m thinking these two are heading down different roads. Glenn wants to make this work so badly.

NOAH! *insert ugly crying here*

Carol reiterates to Rick that Pete needs to die. She tells him that Sam told her that Jessie put a bolt on the inside of Sam’s closet so that he can hide when things get bad.

carolrick1 carolrick2

Sort of an interesting reaction. WOULD Carol have turned into the badass that she is now if Ed hadn’t died? Maybe? She was pretty meek when he was alive. Is it a vote of confidence from Rick for how capable she actually is, or is it him saying he would have rescued her?

Rick goes outside and seems to be staring at a red balloon tied to….something. Damn that show is dark sometimes. As in there is very little actual light and sometimes it is really hard to see what is going on.

Pete comes wandering by and Rick tells him to keep moving. He fondles his gun and gives Pete his scariest scary stare. Pete, wisely, keeps moving.

The next morning, we see Michonne lying in bed looking sad. She notices one of Noah’s shirts in her laundry.

 michonne1 michonne2

NOAH! *sobs*

Rosita comes into Michonne’s room as she’s about to put on her cop uniform and tells her that Tara is stable and that Sasha spent the night in the clock tower. She isn’t there anymore, but she also hasn’t come back. Michonne leaves the uniform behind and takes off into the woods with Rosita to find Sasha.

My husband commented that Michonne can sure work a pair of leather pants. I responded that Michonne can work ANYTHING. Damn, girl. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the glory of Danai Gurira.


Cut to Deanna standing in front of four graves. Did four people die in the last episode? Noah and Aiden, but maybe a couple more at the construction site? Or maybe two of them are older.

Anyway, Rick starts talking to her about Pete. Because Rick is enough of an insensitive douche to start talking business at a mother standing in front of her newly dead son’s grave.

deannarick1 deannarick2

They sort of ignored it because he’s a surgeon. Which is messed up. But also kind of understandable. He’s a surgeon. That’s a handy thing during an apocalypse.

Rick says they should separate them and kill Pete if he won’t cooperate. Deanna insists that nobody is killing anyone. They will banish them, but not outright kill them. Or leave them behind and run like hell. Y’know. Whatever the situation calls for.


Hey, Rick! Hey! Remember that???

Michonne and Rosita are tracking Sasha through the woods and realize that all of the walkers they’re seeing have been shot in the back of the head. That Sasha is hunting them. Of course, one or two of the walkers have the creepy W carved in their foreheads. I’m hoping we’ll meet whoever these W people are next week. Judging from what I’ve heard from fans of the comic, they’re kind of terrifying.

Thank you, Writers of The Walking Dead, for a few adorable moments between Carl and Enid. Look at the two of them, frolicking in the woods, throwing kitchen timers at zombies. Enid tells Carl that he scares her. Adorable. Like two very damaged puppies.

carlenid1 carlenid2

Glenn comes across Nicholas cleaning buckets of Tara’s blood out of the inside of the van from their run.

glenn3 glenn4 glenn5 glenn6 glenn7 glenn8 glenn12 glenn9
glenn10 glenn11

Seriously, seeing Glenn calmly and politely tell this useless excuse for a human how it’s going to be was a thing of beauty.



Carl and Enid hear a herd coming and hide….in a tree trunk? Not the best idea, kids. But it does give us this cuteness…

Enid: “Cool. You’re scared of me, too.”

I like this girl.

Fucking NICHOLAS has Rick’s gun buried in a damn coffee can. Seriously.


Where is a good walker herd when you need one?

Oh. Here it is!

herd1 herd2
herd3 herd4
Sasha lashes out at Michonne and Rosita for trying to help her after they finish off the herd.

 sasha1 sasha2

Really, Sasha? Losing her family and her baby boy constitutes working out? Watch yourself, girl.

Daryl and Aaron THANKFULLY waited until morning to go investigate the light in the woods and find seriously messed up shit. There are limbs with no torsos. Daryl notes that this just happened. They keep going and see a young girl with blonde hair tied to a tree with her abdomen eaten away. Young blonde girl. THANKS A LOT, TWD WRITERS. Might as well have put a cute little braid in her hair. Aaron kills me with his worried looks at Daryl.

daryl1 daryl2
daryl3 daryl4
daryl5 daryl6

She also has a W carved into her forehead. Because OF COURSE.

Rick finds Jesse smoking in her garage and confronts her about Pete. She tells him to back off and that she can handle it. That she can fix it. Because that always works in domestic violence situations.

Rick goes outside and sees another red balloon. He walks back into Jessie’s house and tells her that Sam asked for a gun to protect her.

AND enter Pete, stage left.

Go Jessie! I feel like doing the wave for her.

And then….

Yeah. And things only go downhill from here. I will say, for someone who has been behind the walls for the whole zombie apocalypse, Porch Dick Pete held his own pretty damn well against Rick. I guess he’s been getting his practice in on his wife. Jessie tries to break it up and Pete smacks her. Carl tries and Rick smacks him.

RICK. DUDE. You just hit your kid. Get it under control.

Deanna comes to break it up.

rick1 rick2
rick3 rick4
rick5 rick6
rick7 rick8

And in mid-rant, Michonne clocks Rick on the back of the head with a rock to shut him up. BRAVO, Michonne. Michonne taking him out was beautiful. Can we see that again?

michonerick1 michonnerick2

Rick has lost his damn mind. He has made the full transition to Shane-dom.

rickshane1 rickshane2
rickshane3 rickshane4
rickshane5 rickshane6

Transition Complete. Fasten your seatbelts.

Seriously, Daryl is going to be so pissed when he gets home.

darylzen darylzen2

Rick is heading to the dark side. Glenn is trying so hard to stay on the light side. Sasha is going to implode soon. Carol, oddly, seems the most level-headed this episode. I can just imagine that she won’t be pleased with Rick for brawling with Pete. She really should have known better. Take it into your own hands next time, Carol. Poison cookies might do the trick.

Next week is the finale. There are a whooooole lot of loose ends to tie up. And where the hell is Morgan???

morgan2 morgan1

I’m very worried for the lives of my people in the finale. Tara, my apocalypse BFF, is just hanging on. Glenn has been getting way too much screen time and that makes me nervous. And what they hell are they going to do with Rick after this clusterfuck?

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