Recap: The Walking Dead, Episode 608, “Start to Finish”

OK, so here we are. Half-way through the season. I think the past six episodes have covered, what, two days in TWD time? Two very, very, very busy days. Will the rest of the season continue like this? Is The Walking Dead going to turn into a ZA version of 24? If so, Rick is going to have to say “DAMN IT” a lot more.

To the recap:

We start with Sam. Poor, traumatized, hanging on by a thread Sam. Sam, who is lying on the floor drawing a picture of himself tied to a tree about to be eaten by monsters.



Sam has a fire truck on the floor of his room. Enid had a fire truck with her in the last episode. WTF?

What’s up with that? I have no idea if it is at all symbolic, but you never know with this show.

Um, Sam, you might have a small ant infestation….


Symbolism, anyone?

Oh, and if I ever hear “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” ever again for the rest of my life, I’m going to shoot someone.

After the credits, we come back to the walls falling in a cloud of dust and everyone running like hell to get away.

Deanna comes out to help Rick and is awesome.


Carol and Morgan are running down the street, which I kind of don’t get since the last time we saw them they were standing in the doorway of the Wolf’s cell.

Anyway, Carol trips on some shell casings and goes down HARD. Morgan helps her inside and they lock themselves in.

Maggie is on her own and OMG, GIRL, RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!


That was exhausting. And filmed so well. I was curling up in a ball and yelling at my tv the whole time. GOGOGOGOGOGO!
Cut to Eugene huddling behind a building in terror. Oh, Eugene. He hears Daryl on the radio and has time to say “Help” before Tara and Rosita save his ass as usual.
So THAT’s who was on the radio.

Deanna falls on a saw blade and also has blood coming out of her side. That’s not going to end well. It looks like they’re totally surrounded when Jessie comes out and clears a path for them to come into her house.

Glenn and Enid are still outside the walls. Enid is ready to run away, but Glenn talks her into pulling it together.

Rick, et. al. swarm upstairs in Jessie’s house with an injured Deanna.

AND cue Sam’s nervous breakdown.

Jessie tells him to “Pretend that you’re somebody that’s not scared.” Oh, Jessie. I think Sam is way beyond that.

Seriously, though, if the kid doesn’t turn that fucking song off, I’ll kill him myself.

Morgan is trying to help Carol with her probable concussion and she won’t let him near her.

Can I just say how nice it is to see Carol back in her Road Warrior Queen gear and big old fuck off boots?

Oh, shit. Denise is locked into that room with the crazy Wolf. I have no idea why she is not screaming at the door to get out.

They have a whole conversation in which Mr. Wolf is batshit crazy and is somehow kind of disarming and charming about it. In his crazy way with his yellow teeth. It’s the eyes.

Back at Jessie’s, Michonne is dressing Deanna’s leg wound and finds a walker bite in her side. Deanna’s reaction is perfect.

Rick starts making plans to try to get to the armory to distract the walkers with flares to get them out of Alexandria.

Michonne and Deanna have a heart to heart. Deanna knows that Rick will be the leader, but Michonne will be the one looking to the future like Deanna did. Deanna asks Michonne what she wants for herself. I doubt anyone in that group has really thought like that aside from “staying alive” in years.

Carl follows Ron out to the garage.

Carl, I’m really thinking you should just stay away from Ron. Let him fend for himself. Really.

Anyway, Ron freaks out on Carl.


Then Ron locks them into the garage and pulls a gun on Carl.

Pulls. A. Gun. On. Carl.


So they have a slightly less Laverne and Shirley-ish fight in the garage and Ron manages to break the glass in the door and attract the attention of all of the walkers on the street.

Seriously, somebody needs to just kill Ron.

Of course, since Ron locked the door, Rick has to break the lock to get in and help them. So now they have to figure out how to brace that door closed.

Rick asks about the fight and Carl covers for Ron. Like an idiot. Throw his ass to the wolves, Carl.

Luckily, Carl is smart enough to demand Ron’s gun first chance he gets. And gives Ron a reality check.


Ha! Hahahahaha! He totally was. Porchdick.

OMG, Judith cries! I don’t think I have ever heard her cry. Ever. And Deanna wanted to go help her. When she is at risk of dying and turning into a walker at any moment.

Not the best decision, Deanna.

Rick just about takes her out before she yells that she’s still alive. Close call.

Side note: I literally cannot believe that nobody has taken an axe to Sam’s record player yet. MAKE IT STOP.

Deanna gives Rick goodbye notes that she wrote for Spencer and Maggie. Then she drops some wisdom on him.

Aw, he looks so sad when she mentions his beard. Ha!

Deanna’s handing over the reigns. I hope Rick is able to pull back a bit from crazytown now that he has to step up and lead again. I think Michonne will take over Deanna’s voice now.

Rosita, Tara and Eugene are locked in a garage. Eugene is taking the moment to read up on world history.

Tara gives Rosita a pep talk when Rosita starts despairing that they’re screwed. 

Rosita decides that they should shoot out the lock and see what’s going on inside the house, but it turns out that lock picking is within Eugene’s skill set. Bless.

I really want Eugene to find some balls. I like him so much but his inability to even try to defend himself is getting old.

Cut to Carol pulling the wool so far over Morgan’s eyes.

Never turn your back, Morgan.

Rick and Co. can’t hold the doors anymore and Jessie’s, so they retreat upstairs and pull the couch in to block the stairway. Which just made me think of….

Ha! Then Rick decides it’s time to bust out the old walker guts disguise.

Ah, the classics.

Carol finally makes it into the Wolf’s cell.

Rick tells all the folks at Jessie’s house his Walker Guts Camouflage Plan. They do not look psyched.

Carol and Morgan have a discussion about their fundamental difference of opinion when it comes to whether the Wolf should live or die. I love how the Wolf is basically cheerfully agreeing with Carol that yes, he will kill everyone if they don’t kill him and he escapes.

Michonne goes to tell Deanna that they have to leave and offers to Katana her before heading out, which is nice, I think. Deanna insists that she wants to end things herself when she’s ready.

She finally tells Michonne what the latin on her plans means. “Someday this pain will be useful to you.”

Then she sends Michonne on her way with a “Give ’em hell”. I’m going to miss Deanna.

Sam comes out and Jessie has to convince him to keep his shit together once again. I think Sam might not be cut out for this world. Poor kid.

Morgan and Carol fight and he knocks her out. The Wolf knocks Morgan out with his own stick, grabs Carol’s knife and pulls it on poor Denise.

Denise is now pretty sure that agreeing to help Morgan is the worst decision she ever made.

Also, Morgan is in for it when Daryl gets back and finds out what he did to Carol.


Rick and Friends are ready to head out. Before Rick goes to get Judith, he and Gabriel have a moment.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning of Gabriel’s road to becoming a less awful character.

Denise tries to talk the Wolf into not killing Carol and Morgan and herself. I love that she’s kind of gritting her teeth and forcing herself to be brave.

wolfJust as he’s getting super creepy, in bust Tara, Rosita and Eugene.


Do not hurt Tara’s girlfriend, Wolf! Bad Wolf! (Holla Doctor Who fans!)

But he gets their guns and off he drags Denise into the walker-filled streets. Here’s hoping Denise survives. Boo.

Back at Jessie’s, Rick is bringing Judith out and she is having exactly the reaction she should.


“That’s not my blankie….”

Poor Judith. She will, of course, remain completely silent from here on out like the deeply traumatized toddler she is.

So out they go, veeeerrrrrry carefully, out into the mob of walkers like…


Glenn and Enid climb a tree at the wall and see Maggie off in the distance NOT having fun, but very much alive. YAY!

Instead of shooting herself, Deanna decides to go down Rambo-style in a blaze of glory. God Bless.


She’s so badass. I’ll miss her. Let’s pour one out for Deanna.


Rick and his band of merry faux walkers are out on the front porch with walkers milling about everywhere. But none of the walkers are paying attention to them. Until….




He’s all…


Then we have the credits.



Once again, I say…

And I add….


So we have until February 14 to ponder what the hell is going to happen next. That’s a long-ass time…



Until then…


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