Recap: The Walking Dead, Episode 611, Knots Untie

We start with Abe and Sasha. They’re patrolling together, then Sasha tells him that she’s not going to be patrolling with him anymore. And things get weird. What is UP with them???


Then he’s in bed with Rosita and ROSITA DESERVES BETTER THAN A MAN WHO’S HALF THERE, ABRAHAM. Do not two time her. Man up if you’re not into her anymore. And stop telling her she’s perfect if you’re mooning over someone else. She IS perfect and could do so much better.


 Maggie’s version of nesting….midnight gardening.

Carl catches Jesus on the stairs and Jesus spills the beans about Richonne by saying something about Carl’s Mom and Dad.


And then EVERYONE shows up and figures out that Rick and Michonne are a thing now. Awkward!


Jesus tells them all about his community and blows their minds.


Jesus, honey, I’m not sure that they really want their world to get a whole lot bigger.

I love Denise and Daryl’s relationship. The two most socially awkward people in Alexandria trying to be friends is hilarious.

I love how Carl lets Rick squirm for a minute when he first tries to talk to Carl about Richonne.

Oh, Carl. “A kid with a messed up face.” Rick saying nothing was pretty much a parenting fail. Poor Carl. Carl, this is your new role model.


I cannot fully express how much I enjoy Abe’s mode of expressing himself. “When you were pouring the Bisquick…”

Awww, Rick and Michonne holding hands and making googly eyes in the RV is adorable.



They run across some of Jesus’ people who have been in an accident. They leave Jesus outside with Maggie while they go try to find Jesus’ buddies. Maggie may be pregnant but she’ll still shoot your balls off.

Daryl Dixon with no crossbow is just sad. His knife may be huge, but it’s just not the same.


Hey, they just rescued an Obstetrician! Maggie and Glenn just got super lucky.

Um, do the guys on the top of that gate have SPEARS???

Welcome to Hilltop Plantation and Old Timey Museum. This here is our Blacksmith.

“Good gracious, Ignatius.” That about sums it up, Abe.

Wow. Gregory’s an asshole. How hard do you think Rick is having to try to keep from beating him up right now?

Looks like Rick is grooming Maggie for leadership. That, and he knows he won’t be able to resist shooting Gregory.

Daryl is such a sad puppy when Abe asks him if he ever thinks of settling down. I like his response. “You think shit’s settled?”

Oh, Gregory. You think you’re going to be able to play Maggie fucking Greene like that? Wow. You’re a dick and an idiot.


So these people are involved with Negan. Huh. Let’s talk about what….

Well, that went south quickly.


That “What” is possibly the best “What” I have ever seen. Ever.

Also, Michonne pushing that woman away from Rick was pretty awesome. Rick got himself a badass bitch.


Yeah, Jesus, it does kind of sound like things may be more complicated than you originally said.

Gotta say, Jesus is a pretty damn good diplomat. He could handle middle eastern peace talks or something.

Oh, Abe. So he had some sort of moment of clarity while being strangled. And he left Rosita’s necklace on the ground, sooo….

Jesus explains Negan and Daryl is all “Bitch, please, I took his boys out with an RPG last week.”


“Confrontations never been something we have trouble with.” UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY, GRIMES. Maggie’s totally biting her lip to keep from laughing behind him.

Oh, I love how Gregory wants to talk to Maggie. Like he thinks he can steamroll her. Adorable.

Maggie, Rick will be so proud of you, grasshopper.


So, is the guy who tried to strangle Abe going to be a problem?

AWWWWW, Maggie and Glenn’s first ultrasound! So sweet! Everyone’s reactions to the ultrasound picture were so interesting. Michonne looks happysad, Daryl looks uncomfortable with the idea of sex and Abe looks like he might try to knock Sasha up when they get home.

Good luck with that, Abe.

Next week, family meeting! We’re going to war! Any objections?


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